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Primetime Popcorn has 3 NEW DELICIOUS FLAVORS!

If you are reading this article, the chances that you are an avid popcorn consumer are high! If this is correct, you are in luck! Primetime Popcorn is releasing some DELICIOUS NEW FLAVORS Each new flavor will soon be available on Amazon! All of our popcorn uses Palm Oil (with O grams […]

Workspace full of popcorn

Test post of our official blog!

Promotionals by Primetime hopeth you all are having an awesometh work week/school week! Ifeth you seeth this, we appologize for it is only thyn test of thy divine website blog! Henceforth we shalt not be partaking in these activities. However, thy must forgiveth us for, we must partake but once!  Keep […]

Top 5 DIY Popcorn Flavors of the Week! Try them Tonight!

popcorn flavors When you think of popcorn flavors there are only a hand-full that come to mind. There is butter, butter light, extra butter, extra extra butter, super butter, spicy butter, cheese, natural, and maybe a few less known flavors. Apart from gourmet popcorn that may cost a MILLION DOLLARS for […]

Popcorn, a superfood for all!

Popcorn is the Superfood of 2016: 3 Reasons to Eat More!

Many folks have gotten off to a healthy start this new year! 2016 has been referred to as “The year of the Body”, which has provoked many fitness/diet based New Year resolutions. Knuckling down on exercise and healthy eating is quickly becoming a top priority for many people around the Globe! Luckily, efforts […]