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About our company, Promotionals by Primetime, and our service

Our Company

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About our Service

Promotionals by Primetime was created in the small town of Shannon Illinois to help businesses of all sizes and industries promote their company in a unique and effective way. We use state of the art machinery to grow, package, flavor and produce some of the best premium popcorn around! When you promote your company on our custom bags of microwave popcorn, not only will it look incredible, it will taste incredible. Promotionals by Primetime gives you 6 flavors to choose from including: Extra Butter, Butter, Butter Light, Natural, Kettle Corn, and Hot Jalapeño Butter!  Your only responsibility is to contact us and order your custom bags of microwave popcorn (popcorn included). We do the designing (unless you prefer to) for you as an included cost, and you can order any flavor your heart desires! So, stop waiting to promote yourself and make your company POP today!


Workspace full of popcorn
Your workspace should be as clean as the work you put out! Unless of course you make DELICIOUS popcorn all day long!

You Seem Interested

We have a plethora of satisfied customers whom we have designed custom bags for! If you are interested all you have to do is head on over to our “Contact Us” page and send us a quick email asking for some information. You know what? We can design you a personal mock-up to give you an idea of what YOUR company would look like on the face of our popcorn!

Custom promotional products like these help your company stand out; and what could make you stand out more than a delicious bag of microwave popcorn! It doesn’t matter your industry, just give it a go and watch your clients eyes light up when you hand them a bag of the most personal popcorn on the market!

Our Product, Our Plant

For more information about our popcorn and how it is grown just visit the official site for Tee Lee Popcorn.

For more information about our private label “Primetime Popcorn” and where to find it, just visit the official

Primetime Popcorn website.


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