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About Us

Do you want your company stand out? If so, Primetime Promotionals can help! First, let us bring you up to speed on what we do for you. Primetime Promotionals creates custom bags of PREMIUM microwave popcorn and we display YOUR company's name, logo, and any information you desire on the front! Thats right, its like a GIANT, DELICIOUS business card for you to promote your company with! The best part, its cheap, easy, and stands out. Think about it, what could be better than a promotional item that you can eat! Want to learn more? Keep scrolling!

Promoting with Popcorn

Not only is our popcorn delicious and healthy, it is affordable as well! We also have six incredible flavors for you to choose from! If you are a spice lover, try our Hot JalapeƱo Butter, if you want the savory flavor that only our Extra Butter can provide, try that as well! We have Kettle corn for all of the sugar lovers, and natural for people who like living healthy! Check it out for yourself!

Its Effective

Many promotional items fail to display your company impressively. With bags of microwave popcorn, your company name takes up the entire thing! When people open these bags they will see your company and remember who provided them with this tasty treat.

Its Cheap

This is one of the most affordable promotional items on the market. The value and bang for your buck will go further than you ever thought possible. Get your company's name known without eating into your budget (no pun intended).

Its Unique

Not many companies use edible items in their promotional campaigns; we think that should change! However, microwave popcorn can be used as a promo item because of its long shelf life. What says "I value you" more than something you can indulge in? Handing someone a promotional pen with your name on it certainly doesn't.

Clients Love it!

When getting your word out about your company, people don't want to be handed useless promotional magnets that clutter their living space. Clients love something that they can benefit from just as much as you! Lets just say, our popcorn is as good as it gets. Clients will be glad they came to you.


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